By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285)

This year at Phoenix Comicon, the Dune Sea Garrison once again invaded and prepared the future of the Empire by running younglings through Trooper Training Camp. As expected, soon-to-be Imperial Recruits performed above and beyond their trainers’ expectations by displaying proper weapons prowess, psychological integrity and physical durability. This year’s slogan, “Victory Starts Here,” held true as every squad completed their objective despite facing nearly impossible odds. With nearly 300 recruits pushed through and Imperial Certificates issued, the camp has been chalked up as a huge success. The future of the Empire is practically assured!

This year the course changed a bit and grew to better equip recruits for the daunting future ahead. Camp began with a weapons training course to get trainees familiar with their training blasters. Shots were fired at targets and training grenades prepped everyone for proper thermal detonators. After the instructors saw sufficient demonstration in small arms training, recruits were moved into “The Gauntlet” where they faced obstacles including: a maze to navigate, a garbage chute to search for the Death Star plans, followed by engaging in a live-fire exercise with armored members of the 501st Legion to get these plans back into Imperial hands.

Special thanks go out to the men and women of the Empire who served to make the outlying territories a better place to live by donating your time to prepare the younglings of the future. It is due to your efforts that these kids will survive their basic training in the upcoming years. Also, thank you to Phoenix Comicon and Joe Boudrie for allowing us the space and providing assitance to make this event a success two years in a row.

60 - Trooper Training - 1

60 - Trooper Training - 2

60 - Trooper Training - 3