By: Mark Teifert (TK- 8748)

We, The 501st Dune Sea Garrison, participated in the MS Walk once again this year to resounding success. Our garrison raised over $2700 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society through direct contributions from our workplaces, friends, and families allowing us to march to the finish line with pride in our accomplishment. This was the eighth year in a row that the Dune Sea Garrison participated in this event. We were greeted by an amazing group of event staff and made to feel like celebrities. We also were given the privilege of walking with two other amazing costuming groups the Rebel Legion (our sister organization) and the Arizona Gostbusters.

Both teams did an outstanding job of raising funds to help fight multiple sclerosis and work towards a cure. We felt exhilarated to be able to work with these great people.The walk itself was shortened this year to 5 miles through the beautiful Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden. There were dozens of teams and thousands of people participating and the walk was a resounding success. There were manned tables set up for food and water along the route to keep all those people going. The start/finish line was complete with a band, booths from local restaurants, and some press to help spread the word across the globe that we and many others will continue to work for the day that multiple sclerosis will be wiped off our planet and the galaxy beyond.

58 - MS Walk - 1

58 - MS Walk - 2

58 - MS Walk - 3