By: Wayne Spence (SL-9410)

It is that time of year again, fall weather, crowds of people of all ages cheering, taking pictures and yelling “Star Wars” or their favorite characters name. A time where club members across the galaxy join together renewing friendships and our commitments to a successful, professional and energized representation of our respective clubs, and their mission to the community. Yep you guessed it; it’s the Fiesta Bowl Parade Day.

This year marks our 3rd consecutive year joining forces with our brother and sisters from the 501st Legion – Dune Sea Garrison, Rebel Legion – Mose Eisley Base, Mandalorian Mercs – Shonare Vhekadla Clan, Arizona R2 Builders, and the Republic/Imperial Service Organization to partake in the festivities of the Fort McDowell Fiesta Bowl Parade.

As in previous years we are striving to elevate the bar to the next level for the spectators and fans of all ages as well as the hosts and committee members of the 2011 Fiesta Bowl Parade. We are focusing a portion of the presentation to three scene’s from the Star Wars Universe and also projecting that this year we will have a combined effort of 110-120 volunteers to date in costume and in support roles to demonstrate our commitment to our respective club mission to help those in need in our communities not just local but worldwide with a professional, energized and successful presentation.

 This year we are expanding on the efforts and ideas of our club elders and previous event coordinators by working together, to fabricate a new float from the ground up that focuses the attention of two separate scenes from Star Wars. At the front of the float is the Medal Ceremony from Episode IV, A New Hope. At the rear of the float will be the scene where Han Solo has recently been placed into “Carbonite Suspension” from Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back. We are also working towards a goal of leading the front of or procession with the scene from Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, where Anakin Skywalker has turned to the dark side and marches on the Jedi Temple along with a battalion of 501st Clones. Finally, to add a little more bang we have received the support of a local 44 piece High School Marching Band from Desert Edge High School to march with us and perform the Main Star Wars Theme, The Imperial March, and the Music from the Medal Ceremony.

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