By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285) and Steven Crouch (TB-1181)
Photos Courtesy of Jonathan McNamara, Phoenix New Times

On Friday night, August 8, 2008, the Dune Sea Garrison’s Jundland Wastes Squad teamed up with the Rebel Legion to promote the Star Wars Clone Wars animated movie premier at Harkins Theatres Cine Capri in Tempe, Arizona. But we didn’t stop there … We continued the fun on Saturday night as well! For what, you may being asking yourself. To mingle with the movie-going crowd and take pictures with Star Wars fans young and old. Characters like Darth Vader, Clone Troopers, and even Jedi while posed for pictures to raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, complete with a booth and full-on raffle.Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the DSG, the Rebel Legion, Harkins Theatres, and the generous donations made by fans, we have raised over $550! So join us this Friday, August 15th, where an Episode III 501st Clone Trooper helmet will be given away to one lucky winner holding that special raffle ticket as we return to the Cine Capri in Tempe, AZ. Troopers from our Jundland Wastes Squad will also be present in Tucson, AZ, mingling with fans and there will be plenty of chances for photo opportunities.

We look forward to seeing all of the enthusiastic fans showing their support for this new and exciting Star Wars film that will be gracing the silver screen!

56 - Harkins - 1

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