By: Steven Crouch (TB-1181)

Star Wars fans from around the world got the opportunity to see members of the Dune Sea Garrison in action while attending Celebration IV in Los Angeles. During the 4-day convention, the 501st Legion hosted the Stormtrooper Olympcs for the second time and teams from Garrisons around the globe competed in a series of obstacle courses to bring home the gold.Team “Shock and Awe” stormed the competition that morning, showing everyone in attendance just how we do things out here in the desert. Even former Go-Go’s guitarist, Jane Wiedlin was seen in the crowd cheering on the troops as they shot Nerf® guns, threw frisbies, ping pong balls and Ewoks … not to mention riding a Segway® through a maze of trees!

At the end of the competition, only 3 of the 6 teams would go home with a prize. And although members of the Dune Sea Garrison wouldn’t take home the gold, they did come home with a bronze medal – showing that they are definitely a force (no pun intended) to be reckoned with.

Scroll down to watch video of Team “Shock and Awe” in action!

7 - Shock and Awe - 1

7 - Shock and Awe - 2

7 - Shock and Awe - 3

7 - Shock and Awe - 4

Team “Shock and Awe”
(pictured left to right)

Tristan Moriuchi / TK-9285
Jen LaFortune / SL-7047
Steven Crouch / TB-1181  (Team Captain)
Mark Teifert / TK-8748
Joe LaFortune / TC-9494

Special thanks to Karen Louie (Golden Gate Garrison Photographer) and
Martin Vavra (CO of the Cloud City Garrison) for video taping and compiling this video.