By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285)

Every good soldier is made somewhere and the Empire starts ’em young. This year we setup camp at the Mesa Convention Center with training weapons and a short obstacle course for young trainees to learn from. Affectionately referred to as Trooper Training Camp we’ll need increased numbers after watching the Jedi train against the boss. With approximately 50 cadets within our taped borders there is a great expectation of fresh meat to sign up in the oncoming years to continue the fight against the Alliance.Camp started with a quick rundown from the one of the Training Sergeants; TK-5647 Dutin Dial, TD-9285 Tristan Moriuchi, and TD-0013 Kevin O’Conner. Pistols and helmets were issued to recruits right before these orders were issued:

“Shoot a target! Preserve your ammunition for later in the course.
Dart through the walls.
Under the table, don’t bump your head trooper!
Find the Death Star Plans under those tiny droid heads.
When you find the plans, let your team know.
Under the other table and prepare yourself!
Our Training Trooper will now open fire on you. Neutralize him and get the plans back to your Training Sergeant!
List off your name as your Sergeant signs your certificate making you an honorary Stormtrooper Recruit of the Empire. See your local recruiter in a few standard years and we’ll get your E-11 for you.”

It was a joy and an honor to see so many able bodied recruits gearing up and preparing themselves for the oncoming fight. We had many sharp eyes, quick runners, and even a few recruits that went through for extra training. We hope to continue this event in the future, but of course we’ll need YOUR help!

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46 - PCCC 2008 - 1

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