March 26th – 28th, Phoenix Symphony Hall – Phoenix, Arizona

Fans of the symphony and of sci-fi got a treat this last weekend. “Star Wars Mania” is one of The Phoenix Symphony’s themed Family Concerts series, which is part of the Education and Community Outreach Department.

In partnership with ‘The Rebel Legion’, ‘Mando Mercs’, and the ‘R2 Builders Club’, the Dune Sea Garrison chapter of the 501st Legion were honoured guests at the symphony for performances Friday evening, Saturday, Saturday evening, and Sunday.

More than 30 members from the various groups participated in all or some of the events. Prior to the shows and in between, the troopers were mingling with the crowds, taking pictures and all in all having a great time.

Special guest conductor, Bob Moody was almost giddy with excitement when he saw the sheer volume of support for this very special and personal event. At every performance, he proudly introduced the troopers and invited them onstage. He even helped out a couple of Jedi Knights in a duel with Darth Vader. At one point, during a fierce clash between Lord Vader and some young Jedi, he dropped his baton and wielding his own light saber, leapt off the podium (wearing a Jedi robe of his own), and used the force to push the Dark Sith Lord off stage. Each and every time the crowd, children and adults alike, cheered and loved it.

This was a wonderful family event. We felt very welcomed by the orchestra, staff and everyone involved. They all agreed that the presence of the force (both dark and light) was much appreciated and welcomed for future events.

By: Will Rogers (TK-2855)