The troopers of the Dune Sea Garrison would like to congratulate Niels Maclellan, BH-6722, for earning the “Spotlighted Trooper” recognition!

Niels was selected by the membership of the Garrison for his dedication to travelling across the state of Arizona to troop any and all events as Cad Bane.  He has participated in hospital visits in Tucson and cancer walks in Flagstaff.  He regularly commutes across the Phoenix area while rallying others to insure that an event will have the required DSG presence.  He has given freely of his time while only being a member of the 501st Legion/Dune Sea Garrison since March 2012!

Niels is also dedicated to costuming excellence.  His first 501st Legion approved costume was Cad Bane.  He sculpted, molded, and painted the mask for the Duros bounty hunter himself.  The Legion has less than five Banes within its ranks.

His next project involved the creation of a Bith, or cantina band member, mask.  This mask and associated costume was completed in time for the Phoenix Weird Al concert.

We, your fellow troopers, salute you Niels!