Sierra Vista Cub Scouts and the Dune Sea Garrison Join Forces for a Little Dark-side Fun – 9/20/14
It was a bright and sunny day as Darth Vader and Darth Maul, along with their Stormtrooper/Royal Guard escort, disembarked upon the grasslands of Tompkins Park in Sierra Vista, AZ. Within minutes, the Imperials were greeted by over 50 eager Cub Scout younglings and their family members. The Imperials were surrounded by the younglings, each wielding their own recently completed lightsabers, looking to hone their skills against their favorite characters. After a short introduction/briefing, group photos were taken with the entire group of Cub Scouts and then the individual Cub Scout packs. Each of the Imperials were also separated into their own lines in order to provide the younglings with individual action/battle photos.

This was yet another excellent troop for both the local Sierra Vista community and the Jundland Wastes Squad/Dune Sea Garrison. The park was jam packed with Star Wars themed events and the 501st members were easily the highlight of the day. The Scout Leader has already begun planning for our presence at a number of upcoming events.

Scott W. AKA Terrantula