By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285)

On May 22nd around 2pm, the Dune Sea Garrison was able to visit Phoenix Children’s Hospital to greet patients and visitors. This is not the first time that troopers have stopped by bearing gifts and well wishes for the children. For years the DSG has had a terrific relationship with PCH allowing us to stop in, shake hands, take pictures, and interact with friends and family. Toy drives like the annual Toy Anxiety in December allow the garrison to not only lift spirits with our presence but also supplies us with predominantly Star Wars toys to hand out.This particular mission had troopers moving around the entire hospital. There was a strong toy and trooper presence maintained in the lobby throughout the afternoon. Darth Vader himself managed to make it to upstairs to a few patients and even over to the dialysis area. By the end of the day, troopers had seen several angles of the hospital. Special thanks go out to the troopers who took the time out of their regular work schedules to make this visit. Also, thank you to the Child Life Council specialists that make these important community outreach visits possible; we appreciate the time you allow us to spread some joy to more Star Wars fans’ lives.

The Garrison is looking forward to our next PCH visit in July, along with many more hospital visits to come across the state. Please check out our event calendar for all of our upcoming visits or fill out an event requestto let us know if we can help in your area!

62 - PCH Visit - 2

62 - PCH Visit - 3

62 - PCH Visit - 1