By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285)

The students at the University of Advancing Technology warmed up pretty quickly to the combined forces of the local Mos Eisley Base and Dune Sea Garrison arriving at their Summertime Charity Fundraiser. The school’s Star Wars Alliance Club hosted a week’s worth of fundraising events to support the MMC Children’s Center through Child’s Play. This organization provides children in hospitals with video games that kids can check out from the hospital to enjoy during their stay. As passionate technology students and community members, the Star Wars Alliance Club participated in a number of charitable activities throughout the week including a lunch, raffle, and blood drive. One of the final events of the week was on Friday July 17th, featuring pictures with Star Wars characters from both the Light and Dark side.

Students and characters alike took pictures in front of a green screen to be edited later to include Star Wars themed backgrounds. Some included action scenes while others were just for fun. After the pictures, students were able to chat one on one with the costumers about their hobby and learn about a new way to expand on their Star Wars enthusiasm. Hopefully we will be seeing a number of new recruits coming from UAT shortly! As the night continued, the raffle winners were decided (one of the prizes included was a Light saber Master FX construction kit), and the winners of the art contest were revealed. Also, some members participated in a Nerf War resulting in a Rebel vs. Imperial battle on the UAT campus including foam darts and a lot of laughs. Some members were inclined to stay out of the dart action after having experienced enough similar action at Trooper Training Camp earlier this year at Phoenix Cactus Comicon.

Thank you to the Star Wars Alliance Club crew for inviting us to this terrific event! From R2 to Darth Vader, we’re looking forward to dropping by again and it was a terrific time at the University. Keep up the good work and supporting the community, thanks again! For more information about Child’s Play, please visit their website at

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