By: Steven Crouch (TB-1181)

On Monday, July 28th, 2008 the Dune Sea Garrison arrived at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona to show support for their favorite Star Wars author: Karen Traviss. Fresh off her weekend stint at this year’sSan Diego Comi-Con, Karen arrived in Arizona for the first leg of a very short tour aimed at supporting hernew novel. This new novel, which is based on the Star Wars Clone Wars animated movie, is sure to please fans both young and old as Karen expands on the universe we’ve all come to love so much.

Karen’s visit at Changing Hands Bookstore was kicked off with an introduction from a store employee who announced that because of the Garrison’s participation in the evening’s signing, they would be donating money on behalf of the Dune Sea Garrison to a charity focused on children’s reading. This was a great surprise to our members as our focus was to support Karen with photo opportunities for store visitors, but we were very happy to hear the news.While in the store, fans got to mingle with members of the Dune Sea Garrison and children throughout the store went from Trooper to Trooper asking for autographs as Karen spoke to a packed room of attendees. Karen spoke about a broad range of topics surrounding the new novel, it’s characters, as well as insights into various characters’ thoughts during the Clone Wars. Afterwards, Karen signed autographs while visiting with her fans and posed for pictures with Clone Troopers and Mandalorians alike.

It is always a pleasure when Karen visits our portion of the galaxy and we hope to see her again real soon. We are also pleased at the support our friends at Changing Hands Bookstore continue to show us. Thanks to all!

55 - Karen Traviss - 1

55 - Karen Traviss - 2

55 - Karen Traviss - 3

55 - Karen Traviss - 4

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