By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285)

Thursday and Friday, July 23rd and 24th, marked a first in Dune Sea Garrison history. Fox 5 of San Diego, CA invited the 501st Legion to attend their interview with Seth Green and Matt Senreich. Not only was the taping a success, but the staff was so impressed that they invited the crew back to serve doughnuts, write scripts, and provide an overall Star Wars newscast. Conveniently, Friday was Star Wars day at the San Diego Comic-con when troopers were shown all through the morning.

Clips were shown throughout the show between lie casts at the convention and daily news reports. The morning started off with a biker scout writing for the show, which his co-writer was rather shocked at. This was followed by a couple of troopers serving doughnuts to the staff including Arthel Neville. Meanwhile, off camera the team got to converse with editors, cameramen, and anchors. The entire staff was a huge pleasure to work with; everyone was professional and very courteous. On screen, Vader had a lot of work including zapping crew members and guiding cameras using his very persuasive powers. Before the end of the morning the team also had the pleasure of talking to Tom Kane, the voice of Yoda in the current Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. He showed off a number of his voices and cracked some jokes with 501st members as the Jedi Master…although as a matter of Imperial Security he was under strict watch.

The group who participated from the DSG owes a huge thanks to the Southern California Garrison and the Fox 5 morning team. We all especially appreciated Raoul Martinez for whistling the Imperial March all morning; his enthusiasm was above and beyond. The Fox team was more than generous by providing breakfast and giving the DSG a full tour along with writing up fun activities. Overall it was a terrific experience!

65 - Fox 10 SD - 1

65 - Fox 10 SD - 2