Feb 18th / 23rd, 2013
The Dune Sea Garrison was proud to provide some Imperial escorts recently. TK members Michael Qoyawayma “Q”, and Keith Grigg were on hand to support the announcement of the new toy line release for Dagedar Star Wars, being exclusively test marketed in Arizona. On a whirlwind tour of 8 radio stations, one TV station, and two retail stores the Dagedar team, sponsored by Cepia LLC, was able to really ‘get the word out’. In addition to this 8 hour day (in armor) our troopers got back with the promotion team on Saturday the 23rd to further help promote the new toys. At the 2013 Scout-A-Rama, a statewide BSA festival, Keith and Q were joined by Isaac Irvine as the 3 TKs brought much appreciated attention to the Dagedar Toy display tent. Working side by side with Radio Disney Phoenix the Scout-A-Rama troop was a huge success. So much so that the Cepia wrote a donation check to Kids Need to Read for $1000 in the Dune Sea’s name.