By: Ian Hetzel (TK-2979)

On April 26, 2008 the Dune Sea Garrison descended on Tempe, Az in support of the fourth annual Capitol Bancorp 5K for JA . While this was the first time the Dune Sea had participated in the 5K for JA you never would have known by the number of troopers in attendance; over a dozen!Arriving at the break of dawn the troopers fanned out across the staging area helping the young runners with their calisthenics and warm up exercises. Some over zealous troopers even held impromptu blaster training! Once the runners had been seen safely on their way troopers entertained the waiting families and of course posed for many photos.

Waiting at the finish line troopers cheered the weary runners as they completed their log trek, some troopers even going as far as running the final few hundred yards side by side with participants. Afterwards troopers joined in the festivities, challenging some of the younger runners to a game of Battlefronts in the mobile gaming truck, while Darth Maul took time to slide down the inflatable slide. Even Lord Vader got into the swing of things, holding a spontaneous limbo contest with the help of a local steel drum band!

Congratulations to all those who ran in support of this great cause and we look forward to seeing you next year.

49 - 5K for JA - 1

49 - 5K for JA - 2

49 - 5K for JA - 3

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