By: Lee Palmer (CB-6740)

On Saturday March 15, the Dune Sea Garrison landed troops in Phoenix, AZ to attend the 25th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This would be the first year that the DSG would be participating in the parade, and we were hoping we would make a good impression. As 11am came we began our march with Lord Vader in the lead, flanked with 501st Clonetroopers protecting him and Stormtroopers backing them up! With the Imperial March blasting we rounded the first turn to enter the route to very loud cheers from the crowd – kids were screaming and adults were yelling at us – we were a hit!As we marched along the route there were a lot of pictures taken as well as a few hugs that came out of nowhere. We evenhad Mando’s show up in the parade to the delight of the crowd.

But one of our biggest hits, as far as costumes were concerned,were the Jawas. The kids and adults alike enjoyed watching them, and of course, the Jawa’s were actually children of 501st members who are all looking forward to the day that they can join the ranks of their parents!

Marching in the parade was a good experience and everyone had fun and we are very much looking forward to marching next year!

47 - St Patricks Parade - 1

47 - St Patricks Parade - 2

47 - St Patricks Parade - 3

47 - St Patricks Parade - 4

47 - St Patricks Parade - 5

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