By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285)

On Saturday night, July 26th, the Robot Chicken on Wheels Tour kicked off in San Diego, CA to promote theirRobot Chicken: Star Wars Episode 2 DVD. Accompanying the local Southern California Garrison and theSunrider Base were members of the Dune Sea Garrison and Mos Eisley Base for a night of pictures and fun. In attendance were Matt Senreich, Seth Green, and Tom Root, who had the honor of being inducted as Honorary Members into the Rebel Legion, the sister organization of the 501st. Matt and Seth are co-creators of Robot Chicken, and Tom is a writer, producer, director, and voice actor on the show. Also present were thousands of fans including roller derby teams and several convention attendees. Along with handing out Sideshow Collectibles gift cards, members posed for pictures and even started up a group dance party outside of the skate area. Both 501st and Rebel Legion members had a blast with fans of Robot Chicken Star Wars!This event took place after the Fox 5 news interview on Thursday with Seth Green and Matt Senreich where DSG members were also present. Fox 5 aired the interview the next day showing members hanging out with the Robot Chicken creators at a drive in.

During the tour event, fans took great pictures with Rebels and Imperials alike to promote the new DVD that is now on sale. It was truly a pleasure for the Arizona groups to work with such great members from California so far from home. Sunrider and Southern California Garrison did an amazing job of making this an awesome event; thank you guys for all of your support and allowing the DSG and MEB to tag along!

66 - Robot Chicken - 1

66 - Robot Chicken - 2

66 - Robot Chicken - 3