By: Tristan Moriuchi (TK-9285)

This year the Dune Sea Garrison participated in Flagstaff’s annual Fourth of July Parade. This being the second year that the DSG has participated in the parade, Vader’s Fist showed up in full force and was even graced by the Sith Lord himself. With over 20 costumed individuals participating, this year’s numbers almost tripled! We also had some cool new equipment blasting Star Wars music as the Troops marched. Three troopers marched with the American flag throughout the parade, while other Troops adorned themselves with miniature flags and coiled garland. While unable to stop marching for pictures, many troopers enjoyed giving high fives, shaking hands, and saluting patriots.

A large number of Troopers even made the trek up from the Jundland Wastes Squad in Tucson to beat the heat and enjoy the fresh air up North! In addition to those road-trippers, there were several troopers from the Phoenix area, resulting in the largest showing of 501st members in Flagstaff yet! Local troops showed a huge amount of support by hosting visiting members in their homes as well as providing a great debrief BBQ after the march. This allowed the departing troopers to leave with full stomachs and fond memories to carry them home. Big thanks go out to all of the Troops that participated from all over the state; thanks to you this event was a terrific success.

With growing interest in the pines, it is the local group’s goal that events like this and the Children’s Miracle Network fundraiser will increase the member base, along with opening up further opportunities to troop in the cooler climate. Congratulations troopers on yet another successful event!

To see more about the parade, visit the AZ Daily Sun website!

63 - 4th of July Flagstaff - 1

63 - 4th of July Flagstaff - 2