On November 5, 2012 the Dune Sea Garrison deployed to Tempe, AZ to join in the fight to cure MS. Arriving at 5:00 am the troops set up their base of operations in the SRP parking lot and prepared for the long march through the desert.  At 7:00 am the Empire’s elite lined up to begin their march joining with other groups that were also joining in the fight. Stepping off, the Imperial Troops set a blistering pace through the designated battle zone visiting fear upon the evil that is MS.  By 9:00 am the 5 mile march through the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Gardens was completed and the Garrison troops had exceeded their goal of $1000 by raising $1100! The war against MS is not won, yet, but this battle can only be described as a victory for the Empire’s march to rid the galaxy of MS. A great many thanks go out to our supporters those that donated, as well as those that supported the troops during their march. THANK YOU!