Steven Crouch (TB-1181)

Steven Crouch (TB-1181)

Being distinguished by eminent service to the Dune Sea Garrison, Steven Crouch is presented this certificate for his considerable endeavors and accomplishments.

In acknowledgement of your continued work to promote the Dune Sea Garrison as a member of four different command staffs, working tirelessly on the development of the DSG Website and forums, your sacrifice of the many hundreds of hours spent in giving the DSG something worthy of its members, your mediation of many issues between members and always being a sensible person dispensing advice on how to handle sticky situations. You are proudly presented with this award. The Dune Sea Garrison is grateful for the innumerable contributions you have made over the years.

You are and indispensable member of the Dune Sea Family and your dedication is an inspiration to all troopers throughout the Garrison, Legion, and the galaxy.

CO: Stephen Lentz
XO: Lee Palmer

Presented: April 3, 2011