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Revans Dad
    • Ensign

    Yea I qualify for the patch. Now I can actually put something on my racing shirt….


    02-May-19 Sunrise Mountain Library Peoria (TK)

    04-May-19 Bookman’s Entertainment Phoenix (TK)

    04-May-19 Drawn To Comics Glendale (TK)

    04-May-19 Velma Teague Library Glendale (TK)

    22-May-19 Phoenix Children’s Hospital Phoenix (TK)

    07-Sep-19 Tech Fair ASU Tempe (TK)

    14-Sep-19 Champs 5K Tempe (TK)

    05-Oct-19 Phoenix School for the Deaf (TK)

    05-Oct-19 Childrens Museum of Phoenix (TK)