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Jedi Joe
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    501st Legion Trooper of the Month for July 2016

    Troopers of the Legion!

    Nominations for Legion Trooper of the Month for July 2016 are now being

    accepted! This is your opportunity to recognize and highlight the great

    deeds performed by our members from all over the world, whether in service

    to the public, the Legion, or fellow troopers.

    Nominations must be submitted by any active member for another active

    member, and should be emailed directly to the Honorary Member and Trooper

    Recognition office at, using the subject line “Nomination

    for Legion TotM July 2016″.

    Trooper of the Month is someone who did any or all of these things in the

    Month for which they were nominated:

    1. Made accomplishments that month that benefited the 501st Legion or a

    local unit

    2. Organized a Legion / Community event or participated instrumentally in

    said event

    3. Made special contributions that month that went above and beyond the

    call of duty

    4. Spends time and effort maintaining aspects of the greater Legion

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of the honor, please limit a nomination

    to a single member.

    Please include these to ensure a good nomination:

    1.) Nominee’s Full Name

    2.) Nominee’s Legion number

    3.) Nominee’s Legion unit

    4.) Brief description of why this member should be considered for the honor

    for that given month. Include as many details as possible. Links to images

    are also acceptable and encouraged, but no links that have privacy

    settings, such as those on Facebook.

    5.) Your real name and Legion ID, although your privacy will be protected

    if you choose to remain anonymous, just let us know.

    The deadline for submitting a nomination is August 15, 2016.